There are extensions available to enhance HWiNFO32/64 experience in many different ways.


RivaTuner/MSI Afterburner/EVGA Precision On-Screen Display

On-Screen Display via RivaTuner or MSI Afterburner or EVGA Precision Statistics Server (RTSS OSD)
Display any of the HWiNFO32/64 sensor values in DirectX applications/games.
RTSS OSD renders values straight into the full-screen graphics application.
Flexible and configurable.

Directly supported by HWiNFO32/64. More information in forum


Rainmeter plug-in

A plug-in for Rainmeter gadget
Display any HWiNFO32/64 sensor values in the Rainmeter gadget.

Download v3.2.0 here
More information in forum


Samurize plug-in

A plug-in for Samurize
Get all HWiNFO32/64 sensor values in Samurize (system monitoring and desktop enhancement engine).

Available as plug-in.
More information in forum



An advanced fully customizable Sidebar Gadget including graphs, bars, etc.
Support of SideShow
Based on the popular GPU Monitor

Download v2.0 here
More information in forum


HWiNFO Sidebar Gadget

A very simple Sidebar Gadget to display any sensor value.
Text-output only. For a more advanced gadget check HWiNFOMonitor

Download for HWiNFO32 or HWiNFO64


LCDHost plug-in

A plug-in for LCDHost
Enhance Logitech Gaming LCD keyboard (G-series) experience with HWiNFO32/64

More information in forum



Analyze and compare HWiNFO sensor log files
A tool to illustrate HWINFO log data in several diagrams and to compare multiple log-files side-by-side in one diagram

Download v3.2 here
More information in forum


HWiNFO Portable (PA)

HWiNFO in PortableApps format
HWiNFO32/64 is available in the popular PortableApps format too.

More information and download at PortableApps


LCD Smartie plug-in

LCD Smartie plug-in for HWiNFO
Allows to display any HWiNFO sensor information on character based LCD screens thru LCD Smartie (an open source software dedicated to support third party hardware and display system diagnostic messages).

Download v1.0.2 here
More information in forum

Remote Sensor Monitor

Monitor HWiNFO sensors over network
A Windows console application designed to present various hardware sensor parameters reported by HWiNFO as a JSON string and make it available over the network.

Download v2.1.0 here
More information in forum



Visualize and analyze HWiNFO sensor values using aquasuite.
Aqua Computer aquasuite supports reading of HWiNFO sensor values.

More information and download: aquasuite

Online Report Converter/Viewer

Upload HWiNFO Report Files to Web
Use this site to upload HWiNFO XML reports and view them back via a unique URL as a HTML page.

More information in forum