This forum is intended for discussions about elements of the periodic table for educational or private collecting purposes. Some of these elements can be hazardous (highly reactive, toxic, radioactive) and legal restrictions may apply. In no event should the content of this forum be misused to engage in illegal activities. It is FORBIDDEN to discuss hazardous material in a way that would result in breaching the applicable laws.

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My name is Martin Malik and I live in Slovakia.
My main profession is software engineering and besides other activities, I'm the author of a Hardware Information and Diagnostics tool called HWiNFO (

I was fascinated with periodic table elements since I was a child, especially after I got a book about periodic table elements. I wanted to build a collection, but it was very difficult by that time, so I managed to acquire only few basic elements. Now, after several years have passed, this passion came back and I learned, that now it's possible to obtain almost all elements from various sites on the internet.
When I started to look around a few months ago, I was surprised that I haven't found a community for element collectors. A lot of information I gathered was scattered across various sites. So I decided that it might be a good idea to start a forum dedicated to people like me (and I think there are lots of us). I hope this forum will help others to learn about elements, their properties, discover where to obtain samples from and chat with each other.

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