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Nuclear facts about Th-232
Th-232 is the only primordial isotope of Thorium. Its abundance in natural Thorium is almost 100%.
Its half-life is 1.405E+10 years.

Some significant facts about Th-232 decay:
Decay mode: alpha (100%), Q-value=4082.8 keV
Gamma rays: 63.83 keV (0.263%), 140.86 keV (0.021%)
X-rays: 15.236 keV (2.97%), 12.339 keV (2.39%), 17.848 keV (0.68%), ...
Alpha rays: 4012.3 keV (78.2%), 3947.2 keV (21.7%), ...
Spontaneous Fission: <1.8E-9%
Decay heat: 2.654E-9 W/g

More details here:

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