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2nd Post-- THANK YOU!
So after getting fan over-ride to work, (Dell XPS 1702x) I encountered an issue where videos and audio would halt and buzz at intermittent times...
It was easy enough to determine if HWInfo was halted, problem went away..... but I wanted the benefits of fan control... that HWInfo gave...
Instead of hollering for help, I started reading the Known Issues and other help files...  By taking the time to read those help files and then taking the time to learning where the items to disable were located in program (Layout), I eventually determined how to get videos to play smoothly with no random audio buzzes.....
In my case (Dell XPS 17 702x) the specific sensor was located in:
[DELL EC: DELL Dell System XPS L702X]  BOTTOM CPU sensor under that... Changed both to NO from YES monitoring...
EDIT Bottom Listed CPU only.... However, This does seem to kill the fan display in Systray... And until I can find a way to keep both going, I won't know that fan control is solid...

THANK YOU For those help files!!!! YES!! I read them!! Smile!
Thank you too for checking the dozens of already answered questions - that's what a forum is mean for Smile
(02-14-2017, 01:51 PM)Martin Wrote: Thank you too for checking the dozens of already answered questions - that's what a forum is mean for Smile

I edited they above post... Bottom CPU listing only.... but that Kills SYSTRAY fan display....  Examinations continue...
If I could get one piece of information from you...
If I turn off monitoring on Bottom CPU setting with the DELL EC in layout area as posted above... That does get rid of the latency (video halts and buzzes)  However...
If I have an existing Fan RPM in Systray, that freezes the number in that area....  and if I halt HWInfo and restart that, no RPM Display is seen in Systray... OK I understand that...
However if I check the Custom Fan Auto settings, it still says Dell EC CPU and doesn't error out saying the sensor is disabled when I exit that Custom Fan Auto settings area....
Does that mean it's using the "Top" CPU in Dell EC????   and the Bottom CPU setting in Dell EC (That I turned off to get rid of the video halts and buzzes) is for SYSTRAY use only?

In other words, because the RPM Display is not indicating, yet the Custom Fan Auto Setting is not faulting on exit of that are...... Is the Custom Fan Auto control working??? 

Thanks..... I've got enough sea legs to be dangerous.... but I think I see the light at the end of the tunnel--Or it a freight train headed this way! Smile!
No, when a sensor is disabled then the data is not read out. The fact that you can select it as a source for fan control is a bug, so you should avoid using it.
Anyway, I suggest to use different temperatures (i.e. CPU Core) for fan control which should provide more reliable data.

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