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A little help please ASUS 970 Pro Gaming Sensors
I need to identify this sensor on my motherboard. It says CPU under the motherboard listing so is that the CPU Socket or the VRM reading? I kknow the CPU readings above are good I just need to know it the one below the motherboard listing named CPU in red is the Socket or VRMs lol been driving me nuts for a few months now.

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That one should be the CPU sensor, not VRM.
(11-03-2017, 08:21 PM)Martin Wrote: That one should be the CPU sensor, not VRM.

Awesome lol that means I need to figure out some cooling for the socket on the back side of the mobo or get a bigger water solution for the chip!
Don't rely too much on the AMD CPU temperature:
For me it makes sense, that
  • "CPU Temp" = temperature of CPU
  • "CPU" = temperature on motherboard near CPU & near VRM
Because "CPU" is highest temperature, sensor should be "at least near VRM" (maybe VRM), because VRMs
  • are typically near CPU and
  • are the hottest part on a motherboard

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