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AMD PhenomII Cache Associativity detection
I want to inform you about a wrong information detected by HWiNFO64 and I think it happens under windows 10; because another software (CPU-Z) also had this problem when I force to run the older non-compatible version of it under Win10.  
There are errors in number of AMD Phenom II 955 CPU`s Associativity ways for L1 and L2 and L3 Cache.

You can see in the Family 10h AMD Phenom™ II Processor Product Data Sheet that L1 cache is 2-Way Associative and for L2 cache is 16-Way Associative and for L3 cache is 64-way associative.

Your software under Motherboard à SMBIOS DMI shows 4-way for all that 3 layers.


The Report & debug files are attached as you ordered.

Attached Files
.rar   AMD_PhenomII_Cache_Associativity.rar (Size: 117.06 KB / Downloads: 2)
This is a bug in the system BIOS which is responsible to fill out the entire SMBIOS DMI structure with information.
HWiNFO only interprets this information and I have checked, it does correctly do it.

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