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AMD Ryzen 1700X/ ASRock X370 Taichi
Am I looking in all the wrong places for the Ryzen 1700X core temperatures?  I'm using version HWInfo64 version 5.52.3161.
Depends on where you're looking Smile But this topic has been discussed and explained on this forum already.
Like I said, I was looking (searching forum) in all the wrong places.  Based on your comments above I finally stumbled into the Ryzen/Asus thread.  I can only assume the Ryzen/ASRock Taichi information is similar.  Anyway, thanks for the quick response - you made me search the forum until I found what I was looking for, I think.  I'm used to the Intel cpu core temps being reported by individually.  I guess with 8 cpu's AMD decided to report only one overall cpu temperature?
Yes, AMD CPUs never did report per-core temperatures, only a single value (which is ehm, not always properly understood).

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