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Alienware 15 r2 hwinfo fan control problem
Hi guys can someone please help me out.. i hve a problem with my fans.. i installed fan control and fans working fine.. but if i don't run hwinfo fans wont kick in.. is there a way to fix this? I tried uninstalling hwinfo then shutdown my laptop took out the battery cable press the power button 30secs to drain out the power thats still there but fan still wont work.. tried flashing bios as well but still the same.. is there a solution for this??
Were the fans working properly before you used HWiNFO ?
HWiNFO is not performing any permanent changes to the system. Shutting down the machine, removing power adapter and battery and waiting a few minutes should fully restore all worst-case changes.
yes the fans are totally working fine before i installed hwinfo.. tried that couple of times.. i even tried disassembling my unit to take out the CMOS battery.. but still the same.. im using hwinfo now just so my fan would work, but i have to launch hwinfo evrytime i restart to make my fan work.. i can enable the performance mode in bios to let my fan run at high speed all the time.. but i don't want that.. in hwinfo if i set my fan to system auto it turns to inactive..
That's really strange and it should not happen by using HWiNFO. Looks like a firmware issue. Perhaps a BIOS update together with Embedded Controller (EC) update might fix that.
Otherwise probably only DELL support might help.
already updated my bios to the latest even gone back to lower ones no luck at all.. will try to use the very first bios..

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