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Always on top

is there an "Always on top" function hidden anywhere? I use third party software to make windows stay always on top, but several programs I tried fail to keep the HWinfo sensor window on top (or even offer it there).

Thanks and regards.
No, there's currently no such option. But it's a good idea.
Any news on this. For Windows' own Resource Manager I found a workaround via the application OnTopReplica, but HWInfo is not detected by that application. So a built in "always on top" function would be very useful for the sensor window.
Turns out that I found an easy way to make HWinfo stay always on top in combination with normal "always on top" software (like 4Tray Minimizer). Just start said software as Administrator and voila, both HWinfo and Windows Resource Manager can be made to stay on top.

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