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B350 PC Mate bios sensor question
First of all I would like to thank you for making hwinfo, insanely good/helpful tool. Now to my question, in one of the last bios updates i noticed in bios a new temperature sensor named MOS(i guess it's short for mosfet), I don't think it exists in hwinfo since i can't find a corresponding value(the bios sensor seems to be valid since its value fluctuates depending on heat/load), I would like to add that it doesn't seem to be the Motherboard sensor in hwinfo since this one shows a different value. Is that sensor missing/existing somewhere in hwinfo? and if not could it be added perhaps?  (debug file in case it's needed)

Thanks for your time
I will check this with MSI and update when I get the required information.
So apparently the MOS temperature is a bug in BIOS and will be removed in next BIOS version. The board doesn't support monitoring of MOS temperatures.

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