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CPU Current
Hello everyone
My PSU, Seasonic X-1050 (Gold), says it can put out 85A max on the 12V rail. I'm seeing the CPU Current hit 85A as a max value in HWiNFO. I've got 2 980Ti GPUs also drawing from the 12V rail. Plus the GPUs and CPU are all overclocked as far as they can go. I wonder if 12V rail is not putting out enough for the system in general?

I ask because my system will random reboot a few times per week. I've seen messages from the UEFI about "power surges" and "PSU instability". I went ahead and bought another PSU. This time I got the X-1050 (Platinum) since it can put out 100A on the 12V rail instead of 85A. Does anyone have thoughts about this?
This could be the problem if you see such UEFI messages. Under which sensor is the CPU Current reported ? 85A is most probably the current on the side of CPU input (VR output), so if you hit 85A at some 1.1V-1.2V, it might be pulling only ~9A @ 12V from the PSU.

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