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CPU benchmark difference

i have been asked what is the reason for having a 10% deviance from the mean value (up and down) for the CPU benchmark on a clean XP system with no antivir software, index service and no defrag service and no other programs running.

I had no answer for this and found no threads in this forum Do you have any ideas?


Does only the CPU Integer benchmark show such a deviance ?
(10-10-2012, 02:28 PM)Martin Wrote: Does only the CPU Integer benchmark show such a deviance ?

CPU Integer and Memory Transfer Speed show such a deviance. CPU Floating and MMX have a variance of 0.2%.


I think this happens because Windows is a multitasking environment and the benchmark is ocasionally interrupted by higher priority tasks (drivers, etc) and this has influence on the execution time.
And maybe CPU Floatingpoint and MMX are not used during normal (non gaming) OS tasks and thats why they are not influenced.

Thanks for your help.

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