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CPU core temps wrong when Bus Clock-based measurement is off
Strange issue since it does not seem there should be any connection between this setting and the sensor core temps, however when i turn off the option for Bus Clock-based CPU clock measurement, my reported Core temps are 4-6 degrees lower (at maximum load) than the CPU package temp and other cpu core temp reporting applications. When Bus Clock-based CPU clock measurement is enabled, the reported core temps are correct. 

I can replicate this consistently just by toggling the option and restarting the application. 



.dbg   HWiNFO64_ON.DBG (Size: 914.72 KB / Downloads: 1)
.dbg   HWiNFO64_OFF.DBG (Size: 1.6 MB / Downloads: 1)
This is really strange and I don't know how to explain it.
CPU Core temperatures are measured instantaneously, while the CPU Package Temperature is a 1/4 second average of the hottest temperature in the CPU (calculated by the CPU, not HWiNFO). So perhaps there are some very short temperature spikes.
Anyway, I recommend using the Bus Clock-based option enabled.
Thanks Martin, yes i am familiar with how the package temp is calculated but to be clear, this scenario is reproducible over and over just by toggling the setting.

i have of course switched to bus clock-based enabled.

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