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Correct values for GPU Shader and MemIO? HD6970

I have temporary noticed very high values for GPU TS1 Shader(105°C) and GPU TS2 MemIO(100°C) on my HD6970 while the GPU Thermal Diode (max.80°C) itself is ok. I've cleaned the card and replaced the thermal paste but no change. Temperatures mostly measured while playing ArmA3 and Alien Isolation.
Are the temperature sensor values correct for this card?

GPU: 80°C
GPU TS1 Shader: 105°C
GPU TS2 MemIO 100°C
These are the highest values. Also the GPU fan never gets up to ~56% of speed.

System: i5 3750k 4.2Ghz, 8gb RAM, Asrock z77 Pro3, HiS HD6970 2Gb (no oc), SSD S.Evo 120GB, Win 8.1
I believe those values are correct. If you're not sure, you might want to compare them with other tools.
Thanks for the reply.
I've tested it with GPU-Z and the values were the same.

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