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Corsair Link in HWiNFO?
HI, I've googled about a bit and it seems this was once attempted in HWiNFO

Although this was a year ago, im wondering if there's any chance of this being looked at again or implementd?

I don't actually use the corsair link software to control anything, I would however love to be able to read my PSU information without having to install the link software.
I'm afraid, AFAIK there is no change from Corsair - their promised new interface (or SDK) doesn't seem to be available and using the existing methods would cause serious issues when using with other software (like their Corsair Link).
Sorry cr4azy, I can't help but laugh, but I know what you mean.

Yes, who wouldn't want HWiNFO to display the things Corsair Link is supposed to do... or more accurately, have those things displayed correctly and easily as HWiNFO would do if it had access to that data.
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