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I have one little issue. When i overclock my 1700x with utility ASUS ZenStates 0.2.2 to 3.9Ghz (Pstate overclock, P0 only). When i run HWinfo after windows 10 start, pc freezes with blackscreen and vega 64 run fan at full speed. Reset is needed. When i disable Asus zenstate i can run HWinfo and when i do not start HWinfo i can play all games without issue. Big Grin
Please check here if this is the problem:
(12-05-2017, 08:55 AM)Martin Wrote: Please check here if this is the problem:

Thank you, actually it solved my problem  Big Grin  But how do I get informations about VRMs?  Angel
If it's crashing, then it's not possible. We'll have to wait if AMD will solve this problem in a new driver version.

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