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[Dell XPS 15]Problem with Fan-Control
Hey wazup,
first I have to say, that this tool is a really great tool and thx for give it for us free(although u could money for it).

To come back to the topic, I have a problem with the fan-controller-function.
When I want to control it manually and set up the rpm, nothing happens.
Also I have to say, that my fan and my keyboard has been changed out just 2 weeks ago.
My SPecs:

Dell XPS 15(L502x)
Intel i7-2630Qm
16GB Ram
Nvidia 540 GTM

The reason why i need the fan control is, that my Xps has an average temperature of 55° C when it idles.

Pls help
Hm, maybe DELL changed something in fan control... Does SpeedFan or i8kfangui work ?

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