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Do HWiNFO detect Soltek SL-KT600-R mainboard?
I wonder, if HWiNFO in some way detect the Soltek SL-KT600-R mainboard and disable some access on it.

That is because CPU-Z freeze on it, if in the ini file is not SMBus=0 ... if I disable it in the ini file, then:
It works!

That would indicate a SMBus problem, however Franck beta with SMBus completely disabled also freeze.

So I tried HWiNFO and one by one re-enabling all the SMBus addresses, that are disabled by default:

[Image: Soltek_SL_KT600_R_all_SMBus_used.jpg]

...and it still works! Even the Sensors... So, is there hardwired somewhere, that some addresses are "no touch" on this mainboard?

I somewhat doubt it, because the mobo is "recognized" as unknown Soltek, so... But i better ask Smile

At the very least I include the report and rebug files, so it can be added as "known" Smile

Attached Files
.zip   HWiNFO32 Soltek SL-KT600-R (Size: 129.89 KB / Downloads: 5)
No, HWiNFO doesn't perform any special treatment for this model, so it seems to work from scratch Wink
Thanks for the report.
Hmmm, thanks for the confirmation. CPU-Z choose to freeze on the mainbaord w/o SMBus=0 settings...

So now you can add the board as detected and known one, instead of unknown?
The board itself identifies itself as "Soltek Uknown" (incl. the typo Wink) via DMI, but I'll try to recognize it using a different ID.

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