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"Drive Temperature 2" on Samsung 960 Evo

the "Drive Temperature 2" reading on my 960 Evo is at about 62 C idle, 85+ C just from running a (relatively short) crystal disk mark benchmark, and can hit up to 90 C just from the GPU being pretty hot. Needless to say, those temperatures are pretty toasty and might be a cause for concern.

The "Drive Temperature 1" on the other hand never goes beyond 60 C, I mean I probably could make it go higher by running a random write benchmark for a long time, but generally it sits at like 39 C idle and 50-60 C under stress. Crystal Disk Info only shows the "Drive Temperature 1" reading.

Is the second sensor reading accurate? Is this a cause for concern? The 960 Evo is a pretty popular SSD, so it seems like people should've been able to figure out if it has some sort of temperature offset or something like that by now.

Thanks for any help. Smile
I think this should be a valid temperature as it's read via a standardized interface. However there's no further detail provided in the standard about the meaning of this temperature.
It might be interesting to compare both values under different conditions whether there's perhaps some offset applied.
But the only way to know for sure would be to check with Samsung.

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