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FPS counter doesnt work properly
i dont know how to solve this.. any clue Sad?

already tried deleting config.
From which sensor does the FPS counter come in HWiNFO, RTSS ?
Which version of HWiNFO are you using ?
RTSS u.u
Make sure to run the latest HWiNFO version.
What values are then displayed by the FPS counter, always 1 FPS? Enabling sensor logging might be useful to get their values while in game.
i got the software yesterday (the lastest version) and it have been working perfectly.. but now the FPS is always 1, 0 or 2
So the FPS counter was also working properly, just recently started to get erratic ?
Have you been running the same RTSS version too, or changed it ?
Yes same version.. i just uninstalled and reinstalled and the FPS counter doesnt exist anymore ..
That's because no values are reported yet. Launch a game or 3D app and it will appear.
True that, but still not working

UPDATE: Now is working.. but i did abosolutly nothing.. just went afk and when i came back it was working..
So the FPS counter was working properly at beginning, just recently started to get erratic ?
Yea, and now its working again..  Dodgy  but still no idea what went wrong ._.

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