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FPS counter with HWiNFO
Hi, I have a problem and dont know how to set up a HWiNFO and MSI Afterburner to see FPS counter in game (OSD). When I start HWiNFO all my OSD from MSI are disappearing. Can you make someting like tutorial or just tell me how to make it work ?
The FPS counter is provided by MSI Afterburner OSD Server and is not changed or removed by HWiNFO32/64.
You need to enable "Show own statistics" in the OSD Server.

And here's a small tutorial how to set up HWiNFO32/64:
Hm didn't work for me but after I wanted to not show fps it started to show it ! lol
Big Grin
Have you changed that setting in OSD Server to OFF ?
Yes, thats what I did XD

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