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FPS recording
I'm using HWinfo64 to troubleshoot gaming issues (freezes, heavy framerate drops) and to go further in my investigation I'd need to correlate the hardware load (CPU, GPU etc.) with the framerate.

To record load etc. I'm using the record button in the sensors part, is there a way to add a FPS to the info recorded ?
HWiNFO can report FPS if FRAPS or MSI RivaTuner Statistics Server is running.
I'll give it a try as soon as I can figure out how. I'll search a bit then.

Thank you
Hi Peagle,

in case of freezes it's better to log the data into files  Cool !
  • start FRAPS (before HWINFO!)
  • start HWINFO
  • check HWINFO Sensor Status (FRAPS should be available now)
  • for logging check Sensor Settings (Monitoring = YES)
  • in the logfile you can find a "Frames per Second [FPS]" column, e.g.:
    ...,"GPU VRM Temperature [°C]","Frames per Second [FPS]","Total DL [MB]",...

  • but it's much easier to have a look at the FPS with a tool like the HWINFO LogViewer

FRAPS together with DirectX 12 means (typically actual games with Windows 10), that HWINFO can log it, but the "live FPS number" (defined by "Overlay Corner") is not longer working/shown! This number works only up to DirectX 11.


As it is in VR I do not need the display of FPS but the recording.

Thank you, i'll start recording all of that very soon.

Once again, thanks to you two !

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