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Frametime from MSI AfterBurner - it's possible in hwinfo ?

It's possible to add frametime (and maybe FPS) from MSI AfterBurner into HWinfo sensors window like FPS from Fraps ?

Thank for answer.
That might be possible, but what sense would this make? For OSD you see this value from AB on the screen anyway.

Mainly for logging to file and creating graphs with fps, frametime, total cpu usage, gpu d3d usage and usually for Gpu Video Bus Load

Yes it's possible to merge from hwinfo and MSI AB logs all that information but in some way when both set for example to 200ms scan interval one of the "logs" go faster in time.

Then will be good to have in one log all that information


Also it's possible to remove

that's added to FPS column ?
example in attachment - in every number it's added ' (openoffice import like text) and only for that measurements it's added.

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I'm not sure where that ' character comes from, please post the respective HWiNFO sensor log (csv) for analysis.
Check at this moment and looks like something with importing from csv - then sorry for false alarm (also few others get ' not only fps)
again sorry

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