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"GPU Memory Usage" shows incorrect value


This sensor seems to report an unrealistically high value. When I play games it can go up to 15 GB, while my card only has 4 GB. Windows task manager has a similar "GPU memory" option but that seems to report the correct values (even though it says X/12 GB, the X seems to show the actual usage)

OS: Windows 10 1803 x64
VGA: R9 Fury Tri-X+18.4.1 driver
This value is provided straight by AMD drivers, so the problem is there.
I believe Windows Task Manager shows a value corresponding with "GPU D3D Memory" in HWiNFO.
Thanks I will report it to them.
Yes, one of the Task Manager values are an exact match with D3D memory dedicated, the other one seems to be Dedicated+Dynamic. I suppose this sensor should display this combined value as well.

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