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Gadget / Sidebar decimal points
I just started using HWiNFO32 and found it very light weight (memory usage) and very fast. It has tons of features.

I also located info from this forum to enable sidebar gadget - it's wonderful!!

On the "Sensor Status" page, it shows the all temperatures as xx.x °C. In the side bar, however, it shows xx.x 蚓 for °C or 蚌 for °F.
My "system locale" for Win 7 x64 / Region and Language / Region and Language Settings defaults to Chinese (Traditional, Taiwan). What that means, I think, is when the system does not recognize the language encoding, it will use Chinese (Traditional, Taiwan) to encode / decode it.

Another observation is that both side bar / gadget and Sensor Status shows 3 decimal digits for load % , voltage, and watts. Can that be changed via configuration settings? 1 decimal point is good enough for me. There might be others need 3 decimal points for precise information.

Thank you for such a great & wonderful software.

Please try this updated gadget: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> and let me know if it fixes the issue with charset.
Currently it's not possible to change the amount of decimal digits displayed, I'll think about to making this possible.
Hi, Martin,

I am impressed!

I just download and try your new version. I am sorry to report that it did not fix the problem.
Just out of my own curiosity, I tried different encoding (charset). So far, I tried, UTF8, UTF-8, BIG5, & no charset. They all produce the same result.

Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately, I'm not much experienced with this kind of things..
Can you try windows-1252 ?
Thanks for your quick reply. Smile
I will give it a shot & report back.

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