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Guide: How to change Graph Background Color
First of all I apologies if I am stepping over somekind of forum policy that I have missed!

:: My problem:
I have been using HWInfo on my second monitor constantly, in order to check on my PC performance (especially when gaming). So I use graphs a lot and that blueish background color is just too bright for me and there is no option to change it.

:: My solution:
The colors are kept in the windows memory(e.g. the RAM) and if you change them there you can set whatever color you like. So I made a portable exe file that I fire up right after the startup of HWInfo and it replaces the graph background color to mine.

I used Cheat Engine + Lua to write and compile the script into an EXE. I am not going to provide the EXE, just because of security (and do not what to get ban from the forum)…. but I will provide you the script and show you how to compile it in just a click.

:: End Result
[Image: 30hse3m.png]

:: How to:
You need to use Cheat Engine ->

Here is the script:
The first part changes the background color and the second one the grid color. (my choice was light dark on gray grid)


MS = createMemScan()
FL = createFoundList(MS)

MS.FirstScan(soExactValue, vtGrouped, rtRounded, "1:224 1:247 1:254","", 0, 0xffffffffffffffff,"", fsmNotAligned,"1", false, false, false, false)

if FL.Count~=0 then
  for i=0,FL.Count-1 do
     addr = getAddress(FL.Address[i])
     writeBytes (addr, 37) --RED scale form 0-255
     writeBytes (addr+1, 37) --GREEN scale form 0-255
     writeBytes (addr+2, 37) --BLUE scale form 0-255


MSS = createMemScan()
FLS = createFoundList(MSS)
MSS.FirstScan(soExactValue, vtGrouped, rtRounded, "1:171 1:198 1:232","", 0, 0xffffffffffffffff,"", fsmNotAligned,"1", false, false, false, false)

if FLS.Count~=0 then
  for i=0,FLS.Count-1 do
     addrS = getAddress(FL.Address[i])
     writeBytes (addrS, 100) --RED scale form 0-255
     writeBytes (addrS+1, 100) --GREEN scale form 0-255
     writeBytes (addrS+2, 100) --BLUE scale form 0-255


To compile it, just download cheat engine and fire it up and paste the code in Table - Show Cheat Table Lua Script

[Image: 2q21glw.png]
Paste the script:
     [Image: jpx2rs.png]   

Save it:

  [Image: dy6ibs.png] 
[Image: 122ye12.png]   

Change the Icon to whatever you prefer and press generate:

[Image: 2zh0503.png]

If your HWinfo starts on boot, just add a shortcut of your new exe here or the whole exe file:
"C:\Users\<YOUR USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup"

If by any chance HW starts after the exe, you can always make a bat file Smile - let me know if you need help with that.

Hope this helps someone and probably someday we will see it as a native feature.
Thanks for the great APP Smile

Have  a great day.
You could have simply asked for this feature rather than hacking into the application Wink
This shall be added in the next (Beta) build.
I didn't want to intrude on the planned tasks ans schedules.
Really appreciated! Big Grin
Very nice! Damn what are the chances that just now I was looking for this and you solved the problem yesterday. Much thanks!!
Nice work!

Can we get a "hide title bar" option too please Martin for the graph windows? Pretty please?
How will you then know which value the graph is showing?
Perhaps you could print the window title in the top-left corner of the graph?


Personally, my graphs are always in the same order on my desktop, so I "just know"  Wink

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