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HWINFO64 Win10 not showing correct memory clock speed for AMD R9 290x GPU
Ever since AMD introduced Wattman and their new crimson drivers, HWINFO64 does not show the correct memory clock speed when the card is overclocked. It always shows my default clock speed of 1250Mhz no matter what clock speed i've set in wattman.

Since their new overclocking utility was introduced called AMD Wattman, other OC programs have stopped being able to set clock speeds such as trixx and Msi afterburner which is a separate issue, but it has coincided with HWINFO64 not showing correct clock speeds. Before the crimson drivers and the advent of wattman I used Sapphire Trixx for OCing and HWINFO64 always showed the correct memory clock speed. Wattman and GPU-Z show the correct clock speeds. I OC my memory from 1250Mhz to 1350Mhz. This issue seems to be related directly to HWINFO64 since other utilities will show correct clock speeds.

HWINFO64 reports the correct core clock speed and all other values look good as well.

I hope this can be fixed, it really BUGS me!
Please post here the HWiNFO Debug File along with the memory speed that was set while you created it and I will check how to fix this.
Okay i'll get around to it some time today. I just noticed that now it is reporting my memory clock speed of 1350 but I have since reduced my memory speed back to 1250 and it's not updating to show the value, so it seems to be random when it does decide to update. I will follow your instructions and post the debug file in the next few hours.
Attached is the HWINFO64 debug file as well as two reports, the report suffixed with the number 2 had all the boxes checked, the report titled THORSHAMMER-PC had just the sensors, gpu, and monitor boxes checked. 

When i made these reports and generated this debug file my memory clock speed was set at 1250Mhz through AMD Radeon Wattman utility, HWINFO64 was reporting my previous clock speed of 1350Mhz. 

Today is the first time i've ever seen it update the value at all, usually it just stays stuck at 1249Mhz no matter what I set the value to in my overclocking utility. 

Even if i restart HWINFO64 the value remains stuck at 1350.

Attached Files
.dbg   HWiNFO64.DBG (Size: 1.34 MB / Downloads: 2)
.htm   THORSHAMMER-PC.HTM (Size: 7.58 KB / Downloads: 2)
.htm   THORSHAMMER-PC2.HTM (Size: 204.52 KB / Downloads: 1)
Thanks for the data. Please try this build and let me know if it's reporting correct clock now:
You fixed it! I just started and exited a game and it adjusted back and forth between my overclocked profile and reported 1350, when i exited the game it is reporting the base clock of 1250. Thanks so much for that, it was bugging the heck out of me!
Thanks for your feedback.
Was wondering if it's safe to update my HWINFO64? Has that memory clock bug been fixed in the newest version? You made a fix and gave me a special application version some time ago, i think i may have lost the installer, I don't want to update and be stuck with that bug again.
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