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HWINFO64 with Asus Crosshair VII 2700X Random Shutdowns
Trying to use HWINFO64 to monitor a few stats and when it's running my system will randomly shut off and I have to reset the PSU power switch in order to restart.  When HWINFO is not running all is working fine and no random shut downs.  I have tried it with system not OC and with the stable OC and happens regardless.  I have also tried a fresh install of windows and still same.  All drivers and bios is up to date as well as software running on PC.  I don't get a debug log that I can find when this happens.  I have attached the DXDIAG file for all the current system specs.  This did not happen on my other Ryzen setup just this one, other system was a Crosshair VI with a 1800X. 

Any help on why HWINFO would cause my system to randomly shut down would be great.
Also this happens very randomly, doesn't matter what I'm running if anything at all.
Those problem should be resolved with latest BIOS and HWiNFO version, so I'm really wondering that this is still occurring.
Can you post a screenshot of the sensors window especially showing the ASUS sensor (with +5V, +12V and other values)?
The HWiNFO Debug File would be really useful in this case.
Where would the debug file be located?  I am not seeing one in the HWinfo folder.  I have attached a snagit of the reading you were asking about.
Please see here how to create that file:
(10-22-2018, 01:33 PM)Martin Wrote: Please see here how to create that file:

   Thank you, I followed the instructions provided to create the DBG file and I have attached it.  However the file did not create right after the shut down.  It did not create until I launched HWINFO again then the file was created.  Hope this contains the info you need to assist.

Thank You
Sorry, but I need the file after shut down, so please don't start HWiNFO again after rebooting.
Don't worry if the file shows 0 bytes size, this will adjust properly once you open it.
Ok I see what I did wrong, had to restart HWINFO after enabling debug mode.  Ok this time the system didn't shut down all applications literally hung and was forced to reset the system.  Maybe this file can shed some light.  System will either hang or shut down completely when HWINFO is running.
Are you perhaps also running any other monitoring tools besides HWiNFO?
just MSI Afterburner with Riva Tuner, other backgrounds apps are TT RGB PLUS, CUE, Store MI.
That's a lot of other tools that might interfere with HWiNFO while monitoring. These ASUS boards are quite sensitive when applications try to monitor sensors and only a few applications have been proven and recommended by ASUS to be used. HWiNFO is among those few. So even if you think that HWiNFO is causing the problem, this might in fact mean that the problem is when multiple such applications are run concurrently and access those sensors.
As first I'd recommend to try with HWiNFO only - so disable MSI AB, TT and iCUE and see what happens.
Forgot to mention StoreMI as well, which I am in the process of getting rid of since it keeps getting "corrupted". I am just running regular CUE not the iCue as I did have issues with iCue causing crashes. Cue seems stable since I changed that back but will also give that a go. TT and AB I have running on an intel machine with no issues using HWINFO on that one.

Do know of any issues with StoreMI running causing HWINFO to make system shutdown?
There were some issues with StoreMI reported, but those occurred during the initial scan (prolonged scan time). Disabling Drive Scan in HWiNFO resolves that.
I too have problems with StoreMI causing corruption, but this is not related to HWiNFO. So I'm in process of getting rid of it as well.
Note that collisions between multiple monitoring tools are much more likely on ASUS Ryzen systems, so your multiple tools might run well together on an Intel system, but not on this one.
Ok thank you Martin. So this is just possibly an ASUS board issue then, any known issues with Gigabyte Ryzen boards?
I'm not aware of such issues on GIGABYTE boards.
But those mentioned monitoring issues should be resolved in latest BIOS + HWiNFO. But there's no guarantee (and it's rather unlikely) that other monitoring tools support that fix. So that's why I first recommended to try without other tools.
It doesn't help solve the issue, but it might help with the idea that the board is the issue. I have a Crosshair VII Hero and a 2700x as well, and I don't experience the same shutdowns. I'm running BIOS version 0702 as I've heard there were some issues with 0804 that still haven't been resolved.
I can confirm and verify this is an Asus boards issue. Swapped board to a Gigabyte model and issues have went away. Using exact same OS setup as before, did not do any fresh install after board swap. Now I can use the monitoring I was trying to and have no issues with random lock ups and shut downs. Smile

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