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HWInfo x64 5.04 - showed Kraken details at first but not after a reboot

I was pleasantly surprised to see pump temp/speed of my Kraken X61 show up when installing HWInfo 64 on a fresh install of windows 10 today but after rebooting, the monitoring of the Kraken has disappeared and the option to add it to layout isn't visible.
Please attach the HWiNFO debug file, so I can check it in detail.
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.dbg   HWiNFO64.DBG (Size: 654.71 KB / Downloads: 2)
It seems that something is not allowing HWiNFO to access the device. Are you maybe running other Kraken monitoring tools ?
I'm using the NZXT cam software which monitors fan speeds and also lets me adjust the fan speed curves etc.
Please try to disable that software to see if then HWiNFO will be able to access the Kraken.

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