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HWInfo_x64 5.04 (stable) CSV log file issues
the CSV log file is a comma (,) separated, right?
when I try to import this into LibreOffice, or even Google Docs, I get weird data:

[Image: JSI8jLy.png]

here's the CSV in question:

it never happened before, am I doing something wrong or this is a issue with HWInfo ?!
I think this is because HWiNFO has added the possibility to display values with a thousands separator, which shows a value of "1234" as "1,234". This conflicts with the comma-separated format.
I'll fix this ASAP, until then you'll need to disable the thousands separator in HWiNFO.
you you want digit grouping, you should do it with this ` or ' not with punctuation

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