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HWInfo64 Crashes System
NIve seen a few posts, but I am not really sure if my issue is similar or not. Every single time I run HWInfo it gets to the IDE scanning part and causes my computer to freeze up and crash. It forces me to have to hard reboot my PC.

Any ideas?
First make sure you have the "Safe Mode" IDE/(S)ATA Drive Scan option enabled in Safety settings of HWiNFO.
If that won't help, please attach a Debug File of the freeze and I will have a look at that.

First check S.M.A.R.T. attributes 203 - if not zero them check IDE/power cables, double use HDD check tools like Victoria 3.5.2 for DOS (not Windows! - for correct diagnostic tools needed direct access to IDE port!). Use attached bootable ISO for make CD-ROM/Flash and diag You HDD.

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I do have if selected, and I can't find the debug file? I am not sure if one is being made or not as its a complete system freeze and so I have to do a hard reboot, nothing in the program folder.

And sorry victor, I'm having a hard timing reading what you are saying.
Even though there's a system freeze, there should be a file called HWiNFO64.DBG in the folder where you installed or copied HWiNFO.

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