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HWiNFO 64 crashes on short text report
It happens after I click on the button "Save Report" and choose the Short Text Report export format in the Create Logfile window. The HWiNFO64 Short Report window is not shown. The applications stops responding and windows 10 x64 shows the following error message: "HWiNFO64 has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and try to notify you if a solution is available."
If I run HWiNFO 64 and try to save the HTML export format instead, it works.

Debug file attached.

In advance, many thanks.

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.zip (Size: 115.34 KB / Downloads: 1)
Can you please try the latest Beta v5.73 if that crashes too ? Also please attach the full Report File.
Same result (from my point of view). Requested files attached.
Again many thanks.

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.zip (Size: 380.46 KB / Downloads: 2)
Thanks. I think I found the problem, shall be fixed in the next build.
I have released v5.73-3350 Beta that should fix this problem, please check if it's OK now.

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