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HWiNFO32 5.03-2600 crash on Chaintech 9VJL3
The applications seems to run fine on this odd board, however at the end (with, or without generating the report) it crash on closing:

[Image: HWi_NFO_crash_Chaintech_9_VJL3.jpg]

So there are the reports (Aida64 and CPU-Z reports are too included):

It does not crash on my P4 MSI PM8M3-V (VIA P4M800) mobo, so the preview is not buggy, just the mainboard is probably not supported Smile Maybe that can be changed?
Thanks for the report, but I'll need the HWiNFO Debug File to check this issue.
There is the debug file:
Weird, I don't see any issue in the DBG.
As I say, it did not crash till the very end, when the program close... that it is. It crash on close and only on close. So, what can I test... when I get around it?

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