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HWiNFO32/64 v5.60 released
HWiNFO32/64 v5.60 available.

  • Enhanced sensor monitoring on ASUS STRIX Z370-E,-F,-G,-H,-I GAMING.
  • Enhanced sensor monitoring on ASUS PRIME Z370-A,-P.
  • Enhanced sensor monitoring on ASUS TUF Z370-PLUS,-PRO GAMING.
  • Enhanced sensor monitoring on ASUS MAXIMUS X APEX.
  • Enhanced sensor monitoring on GIGABYTE Z370 series.
  • Fixed sensor monitoring on some MSI mainboards for Ryzen.
  • Added option to make the sensors window always on top.
  • Fixed sensor monitoring on ASRock Z270M Pro4, H270M Pro4, H270M Performance.
  • Added NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti.
  • Added several new NVIDIA Volta models (GV100-A, GV100-B), Tesla V100.
  • Enhanced sensor monitoring on some ASRock X299 and Z370 series.
  • Added monitoring of GPU Hot Spot Temperature for AMD Vega.
  • Added monitoring of GPU SoC clock for AMD Vega.
  • Added reporting of NVIDIA GeForce driver version.
  • Fixed reporting of Radeon Vega GPU chip power since Crimson ReLive Fall Creators Update.
  • Fixed reading of W_PUMP+ on some ASUS mainboards.
  • Updated reporting of SVI2 telemetry for Threadripper.

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