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HWiNFO32 and HWiNFO64 v4.15-1895 Beta released
HWiNFO32 v4.15-1895 Beta and HWiNFO64 v4.15-1895 Beta available.
  • Added support of additional CHiL/IR VRs on GPU.
  • Fixed enumeration of GPUs disabled by nVidia Optimus.
  • Fixed freezing of Synaptics SMBus touchpads on Intel chipsets.
  • Merged and rearranged nVidia Internal GPU sensor with NVAPI.
  • Added AMD Radeon HD 7790.
  • Added nVidia GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boost.
  • Added monitoring of D3D Usage on AMD, nVidia and Intel GPUs (covers Direct3D only).
  • Improved enumeration of RAID arrays, added RAID status reporting.
  • Enhanced sensor monitoring on nVidia nForce 790i reference mainboards (Zotac, EVGA, XFX, etc).
  • Enhanced support of AMD GCN2 family GPUs.
  • Added monitoring support for On Semi NCP81022 on GPU.
  • Added nVidia GF119 models: GeForce 705M.
  • Added nVidia GK104 models: Quadro K2 USM, Tesla K2 USM, GRID K520, GeForce K2 USM, NVS K2 USM.
  • Added nVidia GK106 models: GeForce GTX 760M, 765M, 770M.
  • Added nVidia GK107 models: Tesla K1 USM, Quadro K1 USM, GeForce GT 740M, 745M, 750M, GeForce K340 USM, NVS K1 USM, GRID K340, NVS 1000.
  • Added nVidia GK110 models: GeForce GTX Titan LE, Tesla K20, Tesla K20X.
  • Added nVidia GK208 models: GeForce GT 730M, 735M, 740M.
Hi Martin,

Done & Done. Big Grin


I was reading today your working on a Web site based Extension interface . Is it possible to have it WiFi Intranet based access as well? I don't really need the access on the Internet but WiFi Intranet to my Tablet would be great when I am running a game. If I could set a specific IP, I should be able to get it through my tablet browser like Opera Mobile, otherwise I would guess it would need an Android app.

Best Regards,

Sorry Crysta, but where have you read that? I'm curious, since I'm not aware of working on something like that Wink
Big Grin 
(04-03-2013, 08:50 PM)Martin Wrote: Sorry Crysta, but where have you read that? I'm curious, since I'm not aware of working on something like that Wink


On both your Home Page and Extension Page at the bottom. Tongue

I haven't been on those HWiNFO Site pages for a while myself. I was looking for a "Donation" Button on your Home Page. Do you accept? I don't have much but I do really like your software. Big Grin

Ah, you probably mean the Mini WebServer that is (was) in development? That is (was) done by someone else. I say "was", because that guy started it, got it working to a certain state, but then seemed to abandon it. I haven't heard from him for a longer time...

I don't ask for donations and there's really no need for it, but if you really insist, then you can check this thread: Wink
Hi Martin,

OKAY! Big Grin Far be it for me to impose myself on you. Tongue

To the other issue, if the subject ever comes up again, please keep WiFi and tablets in mind. Big Grin


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