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HWiNFO32 v3.69-1149 Beta released
HWiNFO32 v3.69-1149 Beta available.
  • Enhanced support of AMD Family 12h and 14h (APU).
  • Added new SSD SMART attributes.
  • Enhanced sensor monitoring on ASUS P8Q67 series.
  • Added reporting of Number of OC Bins and OC Extra Voltage for Sandy Bridge.
  • Added possibility to hide sensor values.
  • Reduced DPC latency during DELL EC sensor monitoring.
  • Improved battery status reporting in sensors on some machines.
  • Added AMD RADEON HD 6870M and RADEON HD 6970M branding.
  • Changed sensor log CSV format for better post-processing.
  • Enhanced sensor monitoring on Alienware M17x-R3.
  • Enhanced COMPAL EC sensor monitoring on some machines.
  • Added support of ITE IT8772F LPC/hardware monitor.
  • Enhanced sensor monitoring on Foxconn H67S.
  • Enhanced sensor monitoring on MSI GX720.
  • Improved support of ATI Northern Islands I2C.
  • Enhanced sensor monitoring on MSI MS-7672, MS-7673, MS-7678, MS-7681.
  • Added "Sensor-only" option to run in sensor monitoring mode only.
  • Enhanced sensor monitoring on Biostar TP67 and TH67 series.
  • Fixed GPU memory size reporting on GF108.
  • Added reporting of Intel 6-series PCH revision (B2, B3).
  • Improved HDA codec detection, fixed potential audio issues during scan.
  • Improved startup speed.
  • Enhanced sensor monitoring on GIGABYTE P65A series.[/list:u]

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