I'm out of office until Aug-24. Will respond to all requests upon my return. Thanks, Martin

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HWiNFO32 v3.72-1200 Beta released
HWiNFO32 v3.72-1200 Beta available.
  • Added possibility to change font size for LG LCD output.
  • Enhanced sensor monitoring on ASUS Sabertooth P67.
  • Added AMD Llano family branding.
  • Enhanced support of Panther Point chipset.
  • Added support of ITE IT8771 LPC/hardware monitor.
  • Enhanced sensor monitoring on ASUS E35M1-M and E35M1-I.
  • Updated reporting of current memory clock on Arrandale/Clarkdale and Sandy Bridge.
  • Added AMD RADEON HD 6790.
  • Added support of AMD future GPUs: TAHITI, NEW ZEALAND, THAMES, LOMBOK.[/list:u]

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