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HWiNFO64 Not Saving Layout
Okay, first of all I am using HWiNFO64 v4.34-2130. My problem is that HWiNFO isn't remembering my settings when I enable a new sensor in the layout. The layout looks fine, I click Save & Quit and when I restart the program, the space where the sensor should be at is a blank space. I dug into the registry and discovered the problem. I gave each of the new sensors I wished to have shown custom names so I could easily find them in the registry. Once I found them I noticed that the value for "Show" was set to "0". I changed the value to a "1" for each of the sensors and restarted HWiNFO. The sensors now showed up fine.

I have got my layout the way I want now but I just tested it and any time I go to enable a new sensor I end up with the same issue and have to manually change the registry value to get it to stick. It seems for some reason HWiNFO is not changing the registry value of "Show" when you click Save & Quit.
Thanks for your report.
The "Show" entry should in fact be no longer used, it was retained only for some situations to maintain backwards compatibility with older versions.
But I checked the code and you're right, there's a glitch which in a certain situation can cause such issues. I'll fix this in the next build.

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