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HWiNFO64 Plugin for Rainmeter Ideas
I have been working on getting some skins to work with this plugin and was having some well continuing difficulty in having the skin read sensor values. It seemed that for a time they would work and then the next day they would not.

I had always thought that the file that resided in the HWinfo skin would then work for all other skins. Once I had configured the sensor ID's. Though I have found this is not the case. Each skin uses the file that resides in its own @resources folder.

While using the varialbles @Include=#@#\HWiNFO.incĀ  doesn't seem to make a given skin go to the HWiNFO skin that has the first file.

So to get my skins to work consistently I used the VariablesĀ  @IncludeSensors = #@#\ While configuring the file that resides in the current @resources folder of the given skin.

thanks.. Douglas

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