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HWiNFOMonitor not connecting

I've used HWiNFO together with other tools for years.
And I'm very happy with it. So, thanks for the Great Work!

This week I installed the gadget and at first it worked perfectly.
Then, suddenly, it crashed and I can't get it to work any longer.
I replaced the gadget itself already, as well as deleting the AppData folder.
I also replaced HWiNFO64, restarting it completely.

But it doesn't seem to work.
The strange thing is; the HWiNFO64 gadget works.
Only the HWiNFOMonitor 2.0 doesn't.

What can I do?

With kind regards & keep up the good work,
Same here Sad I remember having had this issue before, marking this is a bug. Great tool though Smile
Can you tell me what the exact error in the gadget says?

Also, please check this post and make sure this .exe file is running in the task list:
To be honest, there was no error.
It just didn't want to start, as if it didn't exist...
Hmmm, it should at least open with no data and just an error code displayed.  What OS you running?

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