I'm out of office until Aug-24. Will respond to all requests upon my return. Thanks, Martin

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HWinfo32 or 64 freeze computer

Version 522 64bit and 524 32 and 64 bit freeze system at ide & scsi drive detection. 

Using safe or I/O option doesn't change nothing.

Motherboard Asus Z170 extreme no overclocking done, 
I7 6700K, 
2 SSD Samsung EVO 850 500 Go, 
2 HDD Samsung ST2000LM003 2.5" 2To, 
Win7 Pro.
Debug file uploaded.

Hope that help


Attached Files
.dbg   HWiNFO32.DBG (Size: 609.85 KB / Downloads: 1)
Hi Claude,
thanks for your report. I see the Debug File you attached was made with the Drive Scan option set to Low-level IO Access. Please try to switch to Safe Mode and attached a new Debug File if it still crashes.

As requested, here the debug file with safe drive scan.
Sytem still hanging.


Attached Files
.dbg   HWiNFO32.DBG (Size: 607.89 KB / Downloads: 4)
This seems to be just another problem with the ASMedia drivers. I'll try to implement a workaround for this situation in the next build, until then disabling the entire Drive Scan in HWiNFO should help.

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