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Hard Disks Disappear on Program Launch

I've been wracking my brain over what was causing my hard disks (D:) and (S:) to disappear, I feared that they were dying. My (C:) drive is an SSD and appears to be unaffected by the program launching however when the program boots up and reaches the "Enumerating Buses"/"Scanning IDEs" stage, my (D:) and (S:) drive disappear.

My computer requires a reboot for them to reappear, what is more worrying is that when rebooting, my monitors power down as expected however the computer is still on, requiring me to use the physical restart button.

This also only happens after launching HWiNFO x64

Hope someone knows how to resolve this worrying issue.


(I tried to upload the .DBG file however apparently the file is too large)

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In case your drives are connected to the ASMedia SATA controller, then please see:
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