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Help on how to read HWinfo and finding wattage
I am perplexed at the stats that HWinfo is showing me, compared to what my Kill a Watt meter is displaying. Here's my specs for reference.
i5-3570k at 4.2GHz, 2 OC'd RX 580 at 0.9V 75% power limit, 1 OC'd 980 Ti at 90% power limit, 2x4GB DDR3 RAM, 1 7200 RPM HDD, and an Antec Kuhler 620 powered from a Corsair HX1200.
First, it shows multiple numbers for the wattage of my CPU/GPUs, do you add these numbers to find the wattage? Second, why is HWinfo showing ridiculous numbers like 70A from one 0.9V 75% power limited RX 580?
My entire rig with my 580's dual mining Eth/Lbry, and my 980 Ti mining Zcash pulls 630W according to the Kill a Watt, when I mine XMR using my CPU it only goes up to 650W, does this seem right or is the Kill a Watt underestimating my actual usage?
A Kill a Watt meter will always be more accurate as it measures the total power consumed by the system.
Power monitored by software relies on dedicated circuits in various components, but unless you have a PSU capable of monitoring power it will never cover all voltage rails and components.
70 A * 0.9 V = 63 W, so not a high number in case the GPU is under load. But it depends on exact usage scenario and exact values reported, which you haven't provided.

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