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How to fix PCIe bus errors (HWiNFO64)?
Hey there, I just recently found out that my mining rig shows a lot of errors in HWiNFO64. Screenshot
Does anyone here know why this shows up and how to fix it? I've yet not experienced any instability.
Running following cards on the rig: 2x 570, 1x 1080, 1x 1070, 1x 1060. Mobo: Biostar TB250-BTC Pro.
Any advice/help is very welcome!
Such problem can have a variety of reasons - BIOS, PSU, mainboard signal integrity or driver settings.
But you should resolve it, because it can have a severe negative impact on system performance and stability.
You system has lots of different GPUs so I suppose the problem lies there. Start by trying to remove GPUs and see if that helps.

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