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HwInfo dont start after Win10 Fall Creators Update
I try latest version and beta, 32 and 64, portable and install version, run as administrator and not.

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.dbg   HWiNFO64.DBG (Size: 1.14 KB / Downloads: 2)
If you had HWiNFO starting automatically, then probably the upgrade disabled the HWiNFO task. So you might need to check in Windows Task Scheduler.
Alternatively you can try to go into main settings of HWiNFO. If Auto Start is enabled, then disable it, click OK, then again enable it and click OK.
I mean manual start hwinfo
i run it, see this window, and then nothing happened, no errors or any messages.

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Something seems to be blocking the HWiNFO driver. Are you running HWiNFO with administrative rights ?
yes, and try all options in settings->driver management
Are you perhaps running some anti-malware or specific anti-virus program? These sometimes block such operations.

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