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HwInfo for Ubuntu ?
Any possibility to develop HwInfo for Ubuntu OS ?
There are no plans for a Linux port for the near future. But sometimes I play with such an idea Wink
I am absolutely in favor of the idea to support Linux.
In particular what concerns hardware monitoring of consumer devices, linux is lacking behind significantly and tools like lm-sensors cannot compete.
So I am wondering what means "for the near future" - 3 years have passed.

I am also wondering how much effort would it be: To what extend is HwInfo relying on windows internals do query the readings?
I have the impression a large fraction is reverse engineered and queried directly but I could be wrong.
It would be really a lot of effort. Not just to port the huge amount of different hardware access methods (some of which are really strongly depending on Windows operating systems), but also the GUI. My humble estimation is about 1 year of heavy development, then a similar amount of time required for testing.
Not sure where your impression about reverse engineering comes from, but yes, you might be wrong.

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