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I get this error trying to update
Received notification of a new version.
Downloaded, install launched.

Error: (see pic)
[img][Image: HW64_error__1_][/img]

No idea why, tried to stop running HW64 and hit retry, non avail.

Any idea?

You need first to close any existing instances of HWiNFO. Your screenshot shows that it's currently running.
Yes, Thanks.

When I close it restart... as I wrote after the screenshot..
..can't remember what settingsĀ  to disable restarting.

What you've seen in screenshot is the actual update message, shown when restarting.

No way to have the installer to do the job by itself?


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Do you maybe have MSI Afterburner running? In case you use the HWiNFO plugin there, it will attempt to restart HWiNFO, so you need to close MSI AB too.
.... yessir!

Perfect update .. done !

I was not aware that MSI Afterburner was in command.

That explain why ( in another thread) my NVLDDMKM contraption worked so well :-)

thanks a lot !

Big Grin
You're welcome. This is a bit nasty feature of MSI AB, that a lot of users (including myself) forget about.

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