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I'm confuse

It´s the first time I use programs like this (measure temperatures), but i´m confuse with the readings of Hwinfo64, something must be wrong!

First my specs:
w7 x64;
mobo Asus P5e deluxe;
the others in photos in attachments.

Why I´m confuse:

1º - When I START the computer (photo 1 and 2) I have temperatures > 100 º C in two readings of Hwinfo. This can´t not be true because the computer have turn off most time 7 hours before, and the temperature ambient or other fact justify this.
BUT, this two sensors drop the temperature slow along the time (photo 3 and 4), and because, that I think your program, can´t be wrong! I´M CONFUSE.

2º - BUT again, something must be wrong with your program, because sometimes I have a reading of one more temperature National LM 75 (Photo5) and sometimes your program don´t give this reading! I´M CONFUSE.

Can you, please, give answer about that.

Thanks in advance.

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Are you maybe running other system monitoring programs in parallel with HWiNFO ?

Thanks for your replay!

No one at a time, not in parallel.

You know for the first question, if the temperature > 100 ° C is normal for this mobo Nuvoton? You know if someone or somewhere in this site or other I can see a poster with this temperatures above 100 ° C when using HWiNFO32 or Hwinfo64? I am a bit concern, wiht these temperatures.

Thanks again!
Yes, I too believe such values are erratic. Could be a sensor malfunction on your mainboard.

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