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IMPORTANT: HWinfo Vega 64 intermittent crash
Since installing HWinfo64 Beta 561 3293 I'm getting my display driver crashed when starting HWinfo intermittently. Black screen. Reset doesn't help, need to kill the PC and restart.

This is with Radeon Drivers 17.11.4 on a Vega 64 Reference (with Morpheus II cooler swap, but standard Vega 64 BIOS.

Edit: trying to capture a crash with debug logging enabled.
Did it perhaps start to crash when you upgraded to Crimson 17.11.4 ?
It seems that this is because AMD has finally unblocked I2C access to VRMs on Vega with latest drivers.
I made some tests and can now see all GPU VRM details for both Core and Memory VRMs without problems.
But on the other hand, some users started to experience crashes during HWiNFO startup, which happen right when HWiNFO tries to access those VRMs.
Disabling the "GPU I2C Support" option should resolve this problem.
This problem should be resolved in HWiNFO v5.70, which by default disables GPU I2C scan on Vega to avoid a potential crash.
For those who would like to take the risk of monitoring VRM parameters, use the "GPU I2C Support Force" option to override this safety feature and force HWiNFO to access the VRMs.
okay. I ran into the same issue with a vega56, on hwi 5.6.x.
And I almost disassembled my pc already, looking for the crash, I thought the 2nd mainboard is defective

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