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Info voltage on PCI-E line
Hello everybody, I'm a new user here.
I have an important question.

Is it possibile to see in HWINFO SENSOR STATUS the voltage that arrive to PCI-E line?

Under the name of my mainboard, in the HWINFO SENSOR STATUS windows, I see more info, like:


One of this, is it the voltage to pci-e line?

I ask this, because, I buyed a new ZOTAC GTX1050, and work fine with DisplayDriver.sys by Windows, but if I install nVidia driver (all nVidia driver compatible with GTX1050), my PC shutdown.
I just return the Zotac GTX1050 with a new one, but the problem persist...
If I change PSU, the graphic card work fine with nVidia driver.

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Sorry, but your mainboard is not capable of measuring PCIe voltage. And I don't even recall seeing a mainboard that would be capable of such measurement.

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